Kimry Moor



Kimry Moor is a community located just outside the village of Fayetteville between Route 92 and Route 5. It is a few miles from the Towne Center, various restaurants, YMCA, and Green Lakes State Park.

Kimry Moor consists of 84 independent and individually owned living units with a pleasant and diverse common area to enjoy walking, sitting or activities in the clubhouse and pool. The common area and the exteriors of the units (with a few exceptions) are maintained by Homeowners’ Association through contracts with various businesses in the area. These services include mowing of the lawn areas, trimming and maintaining trees, any necessary maintenance of the water areas, snow plowing and shoveling of the walks and other maintenance needs as appropriate. The Board of Directors consists of 9 homeowners elected by the homeowners and establishes policies consistent with the Declaration and ByLaws of the Association. They also collect the yearly maintenance fees from the homeowners and disburses these moneys as needed.


Welcome to Kimry Moor

Kimry Moor is an active living community in the town of Manlius New York.  This website presents some of the features of the community and its governance.

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